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The Ascende Charitable Trust (ACT) was officially established by Ascende, Inc. in 2009 and made its first charitable contributions in December of that year. 

ACT Charter 
The purpose of the trust is to distribute funds for charitable purposes ─ principally to support the health and well-being of children in Houston, Texas ─ to non-profit organizations that are tax exempt under sections 501(c)(3) or 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Establishing the Trust 
$2.2 Million dollars and counting

Since 2009, the Ascende Charitable Trust (ACT) has made over $2.2 Million dollars in charitable awards directed towards children's health and education initiatives. Our commitment goes beyond the financial support to ACT. Ascende employees devote time in support of ACT related activities and volunteer efforts.

Born out of a desire to do something positive with the additional commission and override payments that are common in the brokerage and insurance industry, Ascende chose to establish a Donor Advised Fund known as the Ascende Charitable Trust.

This charitable effort was expanded in 2014 to include charities supporting US service men and women and veteran organizations.


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